Is sugar bad for you?

01 Jul, 2018

Living a healthy life calls for strict discipline and making changes for a fit lifestyle. If you read a blog or go through a website which concerns healthy lifestyles, one of the most recommended practice will be avoiding sugar. Why is it said that sugar can be bad for you if taken in high amount? The answer to this is the number of conditions and calories the consumption of sugar leads to. Sugar can come from natural sources like honey or fruits, but sugar that is derived from artificial sources can lead to multiple diseases and conditions in a human body due to the amount of calories it produces.

Here are some of the things that can take place due to a high amount of artificial sugar intake:

Cardiovascular Diseases

It increases the level of trans fat in your body which in turn causes heart diseases like heart stroke, heart attack, and different other heart ailments. Eat less sugar for a healthy heart. 

Fatty Liver

High-fructose beverages like canned juices and alcoholic drinks lead to fatty livers. This condition can seriously damage your entire digestion process resulting in liver damage.

Hampered Metabolism

A high amount of sugar can damage your gut as it feeds the yeast and harmful bacteria. It can destroy the intestinal wall which can create a leaky gut and hamper your entire metabolism.


Diabetes is one of the most prime conditions that come with high-calorie intake and once tested positive will stay with you forever. It can be regularly kept under control but is best when avoided in the first place.


Sugar is void of any nutrients and it makes you hungrier than you were an hour ago. High levels of sugar can fluctuate your blood sugar and can cause mood swings, hunger and metabolism problems.

Ageing of skin

Sugar can cause dark circles, dehydration of skin, wrinkles and can enhance the aging of the skin. The molecules in the sugar attach themselves to collagen fibers, causing them to lose its elasticity and strength. 

The high consumption of sugar either displaces more wholesome foods in your diet which means you are eliminating out nutritious foods, or it adds calories to your food. So if you add calories on top of an already wholesome and healthful diet that puts you at risk for weight gain and all the other conditions mentioned above. Maintaining a regular diet regime and working out daily can help you burn your calories and keep lifestyle diseases at bay.


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