Why it's important to maintain a routine for staying fit.

05 Sep, 2018

Following a routine and developing a habit doesn’t mean you have to devote your time to everyday activities which leave no room for fun and spontaneit... [Readmore...]

How often should you workout?

05 Sep, 2018

Modern day life is hectic for almost everyone. Keeping up with your workout regime along with maintaining your professional life and your personal lif... [Readmore...]

Know Antioxidants and Why They Are Important?

04 Sep, 2018

What are Antioxidants? We hear the term ‘antioxidant’ being tossed around liberally in a lot of random conversations, and if your interest is piqued e... [Readmore...]

Raining outside? How to exercise indoors?

14 Aug, 2018

Is heavy rain mimicking hurdle in your daily outdoor yoga workouts? Can you not make to the gym due to the severe outpour? [Readmore...]

Mistakes people make while trying to reduce weight quickly.

30 Jul, 2018

Your gym shoes are a mess, and you have been eating like a rabbit for a month now. And while you drag yourself to the dreaded machine to weigh yoursel... [Readmore...]

Food items to include and discard in monsoon.

25 Jul, 2018

Monsoon is inherently related to food. No wonder whenever that first round of monsoon showers hits that window pane [Readmore...]

A good sleep for good health.

05 Jul, 2018

A terrible night of no sleep can leave you worn out. However, one bad night with poor sleep can have zero effects on your health. For human survival s... [Readmore...]

You Are What You Eat

04 Jul, 2018

‘You are what you eat’, they say. But what does that really mean? The statement is not as far from being literal as you would think. [Readmore...]

Popping the Conventional Fitness and Dietary Myths.

03 Jul, 2018

Everybody these days want to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and secretly hope for a shortcut to help remain fit. There are plenty of nutrition and tr... [Readmore...]

The Ultimate Guide To Hydration

02 Jul, 2018

Is there an end to the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated? It is recommended that an average human being should drink six to eight glasse... [Readmore...]

Is sugar bad for you?

01 Jul, 2018

Living a healthy life calls for strict discipline and making changes for a fit lifestyle. If you read a blog or go through a website which concerns he... [Readmore...]


13 Jun, 2018

One of the most popular ways of staying fit is the good old morning walk! I hits the sweet spot where it is not strenuous enough to feel intimidating,... [Readmore...]


13 Jun, 2018

It was New Year’s Eve, and you made a pledge to be regular in your gym or at least try to go for a morning jog and do some light exercises. You woke u... [Readmore...]


13 Jun, 2018

How many time have you promised yourself that you will start working out from the next Monday? When was the last time you caught yourself having that... [Readmore...]


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