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Mission Fit India is a dream, a long, eventful journey that will infuse a new life into India. We, at Mission Fit India want to make fitness an achievable goal for everyone, from people who believe in yoga to people who fancy the gyms, from people who love their food to people who love their diet. For us fitness is not about the shape of the body, but the state of the body. So, come join us in this great adventure of making fitness fun!


With Suniel Shetty leading the movement, we're slowly and steadily nurturing this dream of building an India where everyone is fit, where people don't look at fitness as an impossible target but as an inevitable part of life. Set to become the World's youngest nation by 2020, we're determined to make India one of the world's most fit nation too!

Facts or fiction Fitness myths bustedBefore you begin your fitness journey, let’s get real about popular myths about food and fitness. Watch to find out more.


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